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Wicked Mrs Bethelyn Falade Pours Steaming Hot Water On Her Helpless12-year-old House maid

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Nasty bitch! How wicked can a woman be! That was the lips of eye witnesses who gathered to behold the inhuman act of infamy as one Mrs. Bethelyn Falade was dragged to the police for pouring steaming hot water on her helpless house maid, a 12-year-old girl whose name was given as Chinemerem Sunday for the offence of being stubborn.

According to the Punch Newspaper report, the 27 year old Bethelyn's reasons for the nasty act was triggered by her missing laptop which the maid said was taken by her brother-in-law, identified as Lekan, while she was not around.

The police say Bethelyn who is from Abia State, grabbed a kettle on the gas cooker filled with boiling water and emptied the hot contents on the girl's chest on the grounds that she should have notified her before allowing her brother-in-law take the laptop.

The woman neighbours in her Church Street, Powerline, in the Ijaiye-Ojokoro area of Lagos, were the ones who alerted a human rights group after they saw the badly burnt chest of the girl. Subsequently, the group brought in the police and she was arrested.

She later appeared before a Magistrate’s Court at Ojokoro in the Ifako-IJaiye on two counts of maltreatment and assault where she is being prosecuted. Child abuse is a norm here in Nigeria where some piece of rich A/holes can do as they deem fit and walk away free. wicked woman!

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