ALL FOR THE LOVE OF CAMERAS: Kim Kard Caught Red Handed Leaving Hotel Without Baby Nori - Zinny's Blog

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ALL FOR THE LOVE OF CAMERAS: Kim Kard Caught Red Handed Leaving Hotel Without Baby Nori

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Kim Kardashian didn't forget to dress gorgeously for the paps buh guess who she forgot in the hotel room all alone?  BABY NORI!!! 

Paparazzi was waiting on her to exit her hotel and when the doors opened, you see her walking out, playing her role for the cameras, it wasn’t until she got to the van and saw the empty car seat that she realized she forgot North.. Her face… was priceless… It was like an OH S**T moment for her… , Kim said. “She’s not here?” and the bodyguard said, “Her seat is here.” Watch it below:

The walk to the car, her taking off her jacket so you can see her outfit , her walking back in to get North, North’s walk to the car…. 


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