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Indonesian Transsexual, Brutally Hacked To Death By Her Chef Husband

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An Indonesian transsexual woman Mayang Prasetyo was brutally hacked to death by her husband. Parts of the 27-year-old's body were found strewn across a Teneriffe apartment - in the Queensland capital's inner-city - and some had been cooked up by her chef husband, Marcus Peter Volke, on a stove. #gross#
Marcus Volke with his wife, Mayang Prasetyo who once advertised herself as a transsexual high-class escort
Volke, 28, slit his own throat soon after fleeing police when they knocked on the door of the couple's home after receiving complaints of a bad smell.
Mayang Prasetyo has been named as the woman at the centre of a brutal murder-suicide in Brisbane's inner-city
Police discovered body parts belonging to his Indonesian girlfriend boiling in chemicals and in plastic bags strewn across the apartment on Saturday, The Courier Mail reported.

The grisly death is being treated as a murder-suicide after police found Volke's body in a wheelie bin in a street next to the complex shortly after the dismembered body was found.

Volke reportedly fled the scene by jumping over a balcony after police knocked on the door of the Commercial Road apartment complex on Saturday night.
Queensland Police removed a toxic-labelled container on Monday following the discovery of a woman's body parts found boiling in chemicals in a Brisbane apartment on Saturday night
He had tried to dispose of his girlfriend's remains by using an oven but called an electrician to the apartment after his oven failed, according to 9News.

When the tradesman showed up he noted that the carpet made a squelching noise as he walked across it.

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