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Jilted Lover Commits Suicide...

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A 30-year-old woman, a popular tailor at Jahi, was on Sunday evening, said to have taken her own life in Mabushi, Abuja, after allegedly drinking a bottle of insecticide.
According to a police source at Mabushi police division, the woman (names withheld), was said to have been jilted by her fiancée after he accused her of being wayward.
The light skinned lady was said to have been dating the man, a driver with a construction company in Abuja and that they had even gone to her home town for introduction and other necessary traditional rites before he suddenly became suspicious of her love for him.

“The fiancée accused her of misbehaving and sleeping around with other men, but the woman denied the allegations. He insisted on not marrying her again and refused to visit her house at Jahi or pick her calls.
“This really irked the lady, who contacted the man’s friend, also a driver to beg on her behalf. She maintained her innocence till death,” the police source said.
The source added that the friend had before the woman’s death, tried taking her to the protesting fiancée but that on sighting them, he became angry and even attempted fighting with the friend for bringing the woman to him. He then left them there.
The source also said some hours thereafter, the woman was seen drinking from a bottle of Sniper, an insecticide, and they attempted to stop her but it was too late as she drank everything.
“They immediately took her to a hospital, where they were told that she had died,” the police source disclosed.
When contacted, the Mabushi Divisional Police Officer, Superintendent Saheed Kazim, confirmed the report, saying it was an act of suicide.
He said the man and his friends took her to hospital but before they could get there, she was already dead and that the mortuaries they took her to refused to accept her corpse.
“The man rushed her to her house, carried her to her room and was about running away when eagle eyed neighbours saw him, thinking he was an armed robber and they raised alarm. That attracted the attention of foot patrol teams, who ran after the car the guy brought her with, but he refused to stop. It was when they started shooting at his tyres that he stopped,” he said.
The Mabushi police boss said the man was instantly arrested and he confessed that his plan was to keep the girl in her room and look for her people.
The DPO described the deceased as beautiful and hardworking woman who was talented in making different kinds of clothes and that her body would have decomposed if the man had succeeded in dumping it inside the room.
He advised people to never, under any circumstances, commit suicide no matter the situation because, he said, nothing is worth taking a life. 

Why should a woman kill herself over a man? what kinda decision is that!  It is a sad fact that she committed suicide. mehn! this is Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreally crazy!

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