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Videos: Most Popular Dreamgirls Tracks

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when Dreamgirls came out back in 2006, movie-goers were on their feet. it was EPIC!
Denna: 'watch it Elffie'  Elffie: 'U stole my man' LOL                             
Jennifer Hudson‘s new album JHUD is getting ready to drop. hello!!!! J-Hud is soooo Freaking aaaaaahmazing...OMG! her voice is rock solidah! all these soundtracks are incredible but the one and only that send some bad ass CHILLLLllllls down my spin thereby causing me to tear up a lilltle is Jennifer Hudson's (Elffie) I'm telling you scene... see videos below
1. Beyonce – Listen 

 Jennifer Hudson – One Night Only (Live)

Effie – I Am Telling You

 4. Jimmy Early ft. The Dreamettes – Steppin’ to the Badside 

The Dreams – Dreamgirls(The final song)

Which is your fav???? please share.

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