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SERVICE OBJECTIVE: Understanding the dimensions of dedication to God

1. Personal intimacy with God (Ps. 42:1-2; 63:1-2; 2Kings 4:8-9; Ps. 16:11)

2. Commitment to God’s House (Ps. 122:1; Ps. 27:4; Ps. 84:7; Heb. 10:25; Acts 17:2)

3. Commitment to Kingdom service (Ex. 23:25-26; Mark 12:30)
Commitment to Kingdom service means existence as an instrument in the Hands of God
Commitment to Kingdom service means existence to make investment into the House of God
Commitment to Kingdom service means existence as a difference maker
Commitment to Kingdom service means existence to add value into the House of God
Commitment to Kingdom service refers to a life devoted and donated to running the errands of God
Commitment to Kingdom service refers to the investment of time, energy and resources to the service of God
Commitment to Kingdom service refers to the commitment to meet the needs in the House of God
Commitment to Kingdom service refers to existence to making your impact felt in the House of God
Commitment to Kingdom service refers to existing as a key player in the House of God

3a. The Blessing of supernatural supplies (Ex. 23:25; Job 36:11; Ps. 35:27; Luke 22:35)
If God does not beg you to serve Him, you won’t need to beg Him to bless you
i. Man’s interest in the welfare of God’s House provokes God’s interest in man’s welfare
ii. To be involved in God’s work is to be qualified for His wages
Service is a Covenant; you do your part and God does His part
Things produce for you according to your revelation of them
To function with revelation is to exist with manifestation

3b. Divine health and vitality (Ex. 23:25; John 15:2; Deut. 34:7; Mark 1:30-31; Luke 4:38-39)
i. God services those who serve Him (Mark 1:30-31)
You can make demands on your servicing from God by your service to God
ii. Kingdom service carries a Divine health insurance package (Ex. 23:25)
The health benefit you enjoy can be determined by the organisation you work with

3c. Supernatural fruitfulness (Ex. 23:26; Luke 1:7-14)
Fruitfulness is a package in the Covenant of service
i. The place of service is the place of answer
The place of your service to God is the place of your answers in life
If you are not absent from your place of duty for God, you can never miss the day of your visitation
ii. Productivity for God is key to all-round productivity in life

3d. Divine protection and preservation (Ex. 23:25-27; Mal. 3:17-18; Dan. 6:16, 20-22)
i. God stands by those who stand for Him
One secret of preservation is service to God
ii. God protects the interest on those who prosecute His purpose on the earth

3e. Destiny distinction (Mal. 3:17-18; Dan. 6:1-5; 1Sam. 16:17-18)
i. Service to God is doorway to shining in life and stardom on earth
ii. Value for God and His work enhances the value of a man’s life and destiny
If you serve God well according to the dictates of Scriptures, you won’t have a contemporary to envy
Serve God well and He will shine you well

3f. The Anointing and the Supernatural (Ps. 89:20; Acts 10:38; Exo. 28:41)
i. The anointing of God travels in the direction of servants
ii. If God does not beg you to serve Him, you will not need to beg Him to anoint you

4. Commitment to soul-winning (John 15:16; Gen. 1:28; Isa. 53:11)
The lifestyle of soul-winning is the lifestyle of fruit-bearing
Fruitfulness and multiplication are creation mandates (Gen. 1:28)
Anything God has done in your life that has not been reproduced in another person’s life is not real!
If your salvation cannot draw another person to God then it is not real
Every non-fruit bearing member of the Body of Christ is a liability
Soul-winning is impacting souls positively for the Kingdom

4a. Answered prayers (John 15:16; Luke 5:1-5)
i. Commitment to meeting the needs of God will provoke God’s commitment to meeting the needs of man at the place of prayer (2Pet. 3:9)
ii. The place of soul-winning is a platform for answered prayers

4b. Supernatural supplies (Luke 22:35; John 4:35-36)
i. Kingdom reapers attract Kingdom wages (John 4:36)
ii. The assignment of soul-winning is a connector to supernatural consignment (John 4:36)

4c. Supernatural manifestations (Acts 1:8; Mark 16:20)
i. The choice to function as a witness for God is the choice to function in power (Mark 16:17-18)
ii. Stepping out for God equals stepping out with God in the supernatural (Mark 16:20)

4d. Joy and fulfilment (Luke 10:1-4, 17, 15:7; Phil. 4:1; 1Thes. 2:19)
i. The real joy of life is the joy of connecting others to eternal life
ii. The true satisfaction in life is a product of bringing satisfaction to the Father
It is not possible to give Heaven joy and you remain on earth in frustration
When you refuse to extend yourself and reach out to others, you die of sorrow and depression

4e. Divine wisdom (Prov. 11:30; Dan. 12:3; 2Pet. 3:15)
i. The Wisdom of God is the heritage of the soul-winner
ii. To walk with God in the assignment of soul-winning is to connect with the wisdom of the All-Wise God (Mark 16:20; Prov. 13:20; Eccl. 8:1)

4f. Eternal rewards (2Tim. 4:6-8; 1Thes. 2:18-19; John 4:35)
When you’ve spent your life impacting souls, you have an eternity to look forward to and a sweet welcome at the portals of eternity
i. Labour in the harvest field equals rewards in the after-life
ii. Labour in the harvest field creates for us an eternity to look forward to

5. Commitment to giving and sacrifice

6. Commitment to the defence of the cause of God

1. Refuse to be a decorative, non-contributory member of the Church; decide to be a relevant, functional member of the Church (Eph. 4:16)
2. Even though there is profit in commitment to God, refuse to serve God for things; decide to serve God for Who He is. (Job 13:15)

Father, I refuse to be a bench-warmer. Help me to be committed to Your cause. Help me to serve you whole-heartedly, in Jesus’ Name.

Father, I surrender my life to You, give me the grace not to serve You for things or what You can give.

- Passion for God, for evangelism and for the House of God is released upon you!
- The Harvest that is your due is released upon you in this season!
- Before this week is over, you shall testify that something has changed in the works of your hands!
- Every limitation on your life, family, and business is over! Every backwardness is over. Be released unto your next level in Jesus’ Name!
- Whatever help God has given to us is released to you right now!
- We are not a struggling ministry, therefore your life cannot be full of struggles. Whatever cannot be seen in this ministry will never be seen in your life or in the work of your hands!
- Anybody looking for your life, their life shall go for yours! You are too anointed to be eliminated!
- Every affliction sent to you from hell is returning back to that hell now in Jesus’ Name!
- Any pit dug for you, those who dug it shall fall into it. They shall take their own life
- The Ancient of days shall prove Himself in your life in Jesus’ Name
- You shall experience the Help of God from above in Jesus’ Name
- Embargos are lifted, yokes are broken and limitations are cut off in the Name of Jesus!


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