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Bridal Shower Ideas a Bridezilla Should Never Ignore

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No matter how picky you are, you will definitely love these ideas...

Make Cute Invitations

Make your own invitations with a unique touch. Punch a hole in the top 2 points of a 4-point envelope. Thread 1/4" satin ribbon through holes, then through a shank button, and tie in a bow. Center: Fabric-glue a flat button to center of ribbon. Glue ends of ribbon to back of note card. Punch holes to form a V on envelope flap. Lace ribbon through holes (start at top). Thread end through loop of a shank button and tie in a knot. Glue a flat point of envelope flap; glue ribbon end to flap's underside. Bring ribbon down and over envelope and wind around button.

Create a Theme

Create a Pretty Place Setting

A mini pink handbag filled with chocolates and an individual menu makes guests feel special.

Make Rose Napkin Rings
Brighten up your table for entertaining with these floral table accessories. Buy faux roses in your favorite hues at a crafts store, then sew them, singly or in pairs, onto regular hair elastics with a few stitches.

Display Silverware
If your party features a buffet, set utensils out in pretty terra-cotta pots. Label each container using chalk, so you can wipe off the writing and reuse the pots.tore, then sew them, singly or in pairs, onto regular hair elastics with a few stitches.

Sew Pattern Flowers
Use this pretty craft to fill in the bow bouquet that the bride makes from all the presents she receives. You just have to fashion it from the tissue-thin paper of old sewing patterns.

Step 1: For each flower, cut six 7-inch squares from the pattern. Stack and fold them accordion-style six times, forming a one-by seven-inch rectangle. Snip off the corners of the rectangle with scissors.

Step 2: Tightly twist a wire floral stem around the center of the rectangle.

Step 3: Fan out the paper, then pull apart each layer, creating the blossom.

Get the Party Started
Instead of individual drinks, make a punch, and tie a tag around the pitcher.

Employ Cocktail Wisdom
Celebrate the bride by chilling drinks with her favorite frozen fruit. suggests icy grapes or blueberries to give sweet drinks the look of swanky martinis.

Try Bite-Size Sandwiches
These Mini bite are cost effective and delicious treat that your guests (and the bride-to-be) will love.

Make Finger-Food
Small sandwiches, spring rolls, samosas, mini cookies, and tiny tarts—sweeten the pot. They also minimize the need for dishes.

Create a Candy Bar
Make a lasting impression on your guests with this self-serve favor station, which pairs penny candy in inexpensive glass jars with muslin to-go bags stamped in a custom design.

Let Them Eat Cake
Who says you have to wait until the wedding for a fancy dessert?

Supply Sweets
Try giving favors that guests can really use. Start with a measuring cup, filled with candy, and tie with decorative ribbon.

Give Thanks
Look for small printed boxes or cover lids with decorative paper for an elegant favor. Personalize each one with colorful ribbon and a name tag.

More ideas coming soon *wink*

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