Eva Mendes Hides The Baby Bump That Ryan Gosling Gave Her

Let the Bump Watch commence!

So … now that we now that Eva Mendes is pregnant with Ryan Gosling's baby, I suppose it’s time to officially kick off her bump watch! According to reports, it is being claimed that Eva is around 7 months pregnant with the couple’s child … which sounds insane to me but I suppose not impossible.

Eva Mendes now the envy of every woman on the planet and a sizable number of men is going to gargantuan lengths to hide the fact that she’s carrying Ryan Gosling’s baby. Eva was leaving a parking structure Wednesday in L.A. when she ran into a paparazzi hours after news broke she’s allegedly 7 months pregnant. She went through contortions to hide the baby bump, using a Birkin bag, scarves and everything else within arms reach to obstruct the money shot.

I dunno about this 7 months pregnancy… I mean, if it's true, then hats up to her. If you consider how private Ryan and Eva are, it’s possible we won’t hear anything from either of them personally … until she actually births that baby … in secret. I have a feeling this will be the most non-existent bump watch in history. lol

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