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4 Helpful Apps for New Parents

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Whether you are a first-time or second-time mom or dad, having a little bundle of joy takes lots of planning and work. Luckily, there are some amazingly helpful apps for that! Sure, you don’t have to replace your presence with high-tech devices, but in the middle of spending numerous hours preparing those bottles of milk, changing diapers, and putting your baby to bed, why not use a bit of help? Check out a few wonderful apps for new mommies and daddies and pick the ones that will really help you.

1. My Baby and Me by Philips AVENT

This easy app will help you track your baby’s weight, height, sleeping, feeding, and diaper changes. The app can turn your baby’s milestones and special moments into a great, personalized movie that you can share with your family and friends on Facebook. While there are plenty of more comprehensive baby tracking apps available these days, the My Baby and Me by Philips AVENT app is absolutely free and amazingly helpful!

2. Baby Connect

The Baby Connect app is incredibly useful app for new mommies and daddies. It’s comprehensive, well-designed and friendly to navigate. This app will help you track your baby’s feeding and sleeping schedules, temperature, moods, and many more. Data are put into easy graphs and you can share this data via Twitter, Facebook and Email, with your husband or babysitter.

3.Baby Pack and Go

When it comes to baby essentials, it’s easy to forget to buy some important things. The Baby Pack and Go app contains ready-made packing lists of baby and toddler items and you can also add your own items to those lists. The app can save you from forgetting the baby wipes or the diaper rash cream. The great news is that you can use this app for both short and long trips so if you are planning to travel, the Baby Pack and Go app can come in handy.

4. Once Upon a Potty

If it is time to potty train, the Once Upon a Potty app can help you a lot. There are girl and boy editions of this app available. The app will help you teach your child the basics of toilet training and it will help make the process of taking that big leap from diaper to potty a bit easier.

There are many helpful apps available these days, so why not use them? Sometimes free apps are much better than those expensive ones.

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