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Brangelina Married?! Wishful Thinking...

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Is it possible that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie just got married in Southern California???. At this point, the only information about the couple’s reported nuptials comes from a single tweet

You may recall that the couple officially got engaged to be married back in April of 2012 but even tho Brad said that he would marry Angelina “soon” in November of that year, no wedding ever came to be (that is, until now … possibly). Back in May of this year, Angelina revealed that the couple’s 6 children were involved in the couple’s wedding plans (which implies that a wedding was imminent) but, obliviously, she didn't say when Brangelina were planning to actually get married. It would be just like them to get married in secret, in a fairly beach-side wedding ceremony so … this AS YET UNCONFIRMED REPORT could turn out to be true. 

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