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Clothes And Ideas by Ady Nzeribe

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Nigeria is fast, fashion-conscious and focused on the trends. just like others in the western world, Nigerians know what they like and don't have time to put up with ANYTHING LESS. Which means you just know that whatever comes over here will have been given the seal of approval.
Whether it's an extraordinary outfit for a VIP event or a total wardrobe makeover, Ady Nzeribe, US based personal shopper offers dedicated personal shopping for women. She uses her expertise and knowledge of current emerging trends to find you exactly what you are looking for. her personal shopping service covers the high-end designer collections as well as fine jewelries and  Fab accessories. She derives passion in giving advice and offering fabulous suggestions... who would want to spend hours upon hours choosing between brands in hope of getting that stylish well put together clothes that's exactly right for your body and accentuates your natural curves??? Shopping for her, is easier and more fun! There is no charge for this service but a minimum spend maybe required. She is here to share her fashion know-how:

I want to help you to discover how to make it easier for you to come up with different outfit combinations. If you're stuck and strapped for time, then you'll find these outfit "recipes" handy. Most of us tend to avoid stepping outside of our comfort zone and just keep it safe. However doing that only keeps you from fully developing your sense of style and it results in feeling like your style is boring, wardrobe is hopeless, etc. 
There's a new world out there, you know. You just have to dare to experiment and try new things - have fun with colours, textures and shapes. Don't worry about making mistakes - they help you learn and grow your style. Clear your wardrobe of clothes that you haven't worn in over 6 months. Be ruthless! Leave newer items even if you don't like them, as you may find accessories to put together a great look. If your wardrobe has shrunk considerably, treat yourself to some new style! If you have a stuffed wardrobe but feel like you have nothing to wear or if you just need to find a way to shuffle through potential outfit combinations, start with "Work with What You've Got"No matter your personal style and preferences, the ideas below are here to kick-start your creative flow: 

For her outstanding services, you can contact her via email:

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