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Breaking News... Not Guilty Of Any Variety Of Murder

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(Photo Credit: EPA/Phill Magakoe)
Judge Masipa has found Oscar Pistorius not guilty of murder, but has left the rest of the verdict to be announced Friday.

Judge Masipa said that the accused was a "very poor and evasive witness" who failed to listen to the questions, instead he thought about the implication of his answers. the judge said there were not enough facts to support a verdict of premeditated murder. He has also been cleared of common law murder, but  the Judge could still find the Oscar guilty of culpable homicide (manslaughter), meaning he did not have the intent of killing Steenkamp.

(Photo Credit:Gallo Images/Barcroft)
Pistorius was accused of murdering his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp on Valentine's Day of last year. Pistorius said he mistook her for a burglar, but prosecutors argued he shot Steenkamp intentionally as the result of an argument.

Before adjourning court today, Masipa said that Pistorius "acted too hastily and used excessive force" and that "his conduct was negligent," but did not announce the official verdict for culpable homicide.
Delivering her verdicts, Judge Masipa said: “The accused believed his life was in danger. The accused cannot be found guilty of murder.”Pistorius sat sobbing with his head bowed in court as Judge Masipa read the verdicts. He sat alone on a bench seat in the hushed court room. The judge said she believed accounts that an emotional Pistorius gave to police at the scene in the moments after the shooting. She said: ‘Counsel for the defence correctly argued that it was highly improbable that the accused would have made this up so quickly and be consistent in his version, even at the bail application, before he had access to the police docket and before he was privy to the evidence on behalf of the state at the application.

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