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For That Ageless Look, Try These Hot Tips.

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Nothing is more glaring than a 40-70 year old woman trying to recapture her teenage years. Women don't look younger by trying to be something they are not. There are ways to enhance the beauty that comes at all stages of life no matter your age. The key to "looking younger" is by looking "ageless" not stuck in a bygone era. Remember, the healthier your skin is, the younger it looks.

  • Increase your vitamin C intake: One of the best ways to look ageless is to increase your vitamin C intake. Vitamin C stimulates the production of collagen in the skin, which means it’s good for keeping your skin looking fresh and young. Vitamin C is good for the skin all over the body so it’s important to add foods rich in Vitamin C to your eating plan. Consider eating oranges, kiwis, grapefruits, tomatoes and strawberries.
  • Boost your protein intake: Protein plays a significant role in almost each aspect of the skin, including collagen production, appearance, cell turnover as well as structure. This makes it a vital nutrient in your eating plan. Opt for lean protein like fish and chicken breast. Low-fat dairy foods, eggs, nuts and beans are also wonderful sources of protein.
  • Use oil in your salads: Mayo is great and tasty, but not so healthy. I suggest you to start using oil in your salads. Try combining a bit of canola or olive oil with a bit of vinegar on your healthy salad. When you mix greens with some oil, not mayo, your body absorbs Vitamin C, E and any other antioxidants much better. Plus, it’s super healthy! Such salad will help combat free radical damage and help keep your skin looking glowing and youthful no matter your age.
  • Add bronzer: All those age spots and sunspots that tend to crop up on the skin can easily be hidden with bronzer. Not only does bronzer mask all those discolorations, it also gives your skin a beautiful glow. You can add a little bit of bronzer to your foundation, or apply it on your nose, cheeks and forehead using a large brush.
  • Care for your hands daily: While it’s important to care for your face every day, don’t forget about your hands. Make sure you care for your hands properly every single day. If you are on a budget, try rubbing your facial products into them. It’s not necessary to use special hand creams. Also, don’t forget to use sunscreen daily. This is a huge step to look younger no matter how old you are.
  • Wear the right makeup: Did you know that some colors you might be wearing can wash you out and even emphasize all your wrinkles and fine lines? To look younger, make sure you wear the right colors on your lips, eyes and cheeks. Go for a more natural look and stay away from the bright, bold colors.

It’s possible to look younger no matter your age, all you need to do is to Eat a rich diet meal which is high in amino acids, vitamins, and minerals, and above all stay hydrated with pure water, regular moisturizing and facials with natural products... The skin is the largest organ of the body and it directly reflects to the world what we are putting into our bodies. If you don't' want wrinkles and sagging skin - eat right and kick the sweet tooth habits. Say NO to sugar addiction!

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