If You Have Cheated On Your Partner But Want Another Chance...

There are simply NO excuses, No attempts to justify your cheating ways. Your partner 
doesn't deserve this excruciating pain. You have to Admit it was unjustifiable, selfish, and plain wrong in the eyes of God and man. If you have cheated on your partner but want another chance, here is an apology letter guide for you: 
Dearest ...,
Sometimes, there are simply no words that can adequately express the depth of a person's feelings that are plagued by regret, guilt and sadness for a wrong done. This is my predicament now for hurting you so badly when you trusted me so.
A thousand "I'm sorry" I'm willing to say but I know it can't undo what has been done and it won't ease the pain in your heart. Instead, let me write this to let you know that I regretted my actions and cheating on you is certainly an unforgivable mistake. I totally deserve all the anger and resentment from you for what I have put you through.
However, it also pains me to see you suffering as a result of my misbehavior. Guilt burns in my heart thinking of all the hurt that you must have felt because of my recklessness. Each time that I think of you, I get angry with myself because I can imagine all the bitter tears you must have shed when you learned of my indiscretion.
I'm feeling like this because I know there is still love for you glowing in my heart. Otherwise, I wouldn't have cared one bit and moved on. But I don't want this relationship to end simply because I still care deeply about you and love you with all my heart. I truly want you to be happy again with me still being a part of your life.
Well, a mistake is a mistake. I know I don't have the right to ask anything from you when I have foolishly betrayed your trust in me. But if you can find it in your heart to forgive me and give me another opportunity to prove to you how much I love you, I will be very, very relieved indeed. For that would mean, I still have the chance to love and cherish you. And a chance to make your future a happier one with more laughter and less tears.
Lastly, I just want to say that I have faith in my love for you. I have faith that we will overcome the odds and make our relationship even better than before. Give me another chance and I have faith that, one day, we will look back at this and be glad that we didn't walk away from each other.
Loving you always,

Ermmmm, but why did you cheat??? Were u having problems with your spouse, bored, sexually unfulfilled or desperately looking for a fling and the opportunity presented itself  bam! bam !!bam!!!! why? why?? why???? please share.

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