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Your Top Skin-Fixing Rules

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Here are the best six ways to ensure you treat your skin with ultra tender loving care….

Listen to yourself
Nobody knows your skin as well as you. Trust your feelings about a product-it’s not right, your skin will tell you so. Just because the model looks fabulous in the TV advert doesn't mean that particular product will suit your skin.

Be consistent
If you only follow a skin care routine, 3 days a week, don’t expect your skin to improve dramatically. Skin responds well to stability, so even if you only do the minimum, do it every day.

Eat smart
Have you seen serial dieters skin??? Parched, lifeless and dull, it’s not a pretty sight. Radiant skin needs tons of nourishment and that means healthy eating on a daily basis.

Sleep well
Lack of sleep throws the entire body off balance and can disrupt your hormonal equilibrium, which is the key to healthy skin, It's while we sleep that our skin repairs itself.

Price is not indicator
Creams costing high are not necessarily better for you than one costing lower. Expensive creams cost because the makers invest in research to discover breakthroughs and develop more advanced creams. mass-market brands usually then incorporate new technology into their products relatively quickly. So it's down to your preference and pocket.

Avoid over-treating your skin
Misuse of treatments such as bleach, glycolic cleansers, acid peels and other fancy ingredient is unwise and may have no extra benefits for younger-looking skin. Be smart.

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