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15-Year-Old Boy Gang Raped Is In Critical Condition

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Rape is no more a woman's problem it's now a man's problem. Teenage boys should be told the same thing as girls----not to go out at night, not to walk in certain sections of town, not to go alone, etc. 

15-year-old boy has been left in a critical condition in hospital after he was gang raped by three men and two older teenagers at a party in Kentucky.

The boy’s attackers allegedly filmed his assault on a mobile phone before distributing it to other mobile phones, police said. The authorities do not know if the footage was distributed online.

Tyler Perry, 19, Dayton Ross Jones, 20, and Samuel Miller, 18, have been charged with serious sexual assault, promoting sexual performance by a minor and use of a minor in a sexual performance.

All three are being held on a $1 million (£621,450) each...

Both Jones and Miller face further charges of distribution of matter portraying a sexual performance by a minor, while Perry has been charged with tampering physical evidence

This is not right, it is not excusable and acceptable. These rapist should be dealt with irrespective of their age.

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  1. gross! this is crazy! d #psychologicaltrauma#


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