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Beyoncé's Cute Baby Sister Makes Her Television Debut…

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Earlier this year it was revealed that Mathew Knowles was the father of a 4-year-old girl born in Houston, Texas. Mathew Knowles’ newest baby mama TaQoya Branscomb is now speaking out in her first televised interview since it was confirmed Papa Knowles was 99.998% the father.

The former lingerie model-turned realtor sat down with Inside Edition to introduce adorable 4-year-old Koi Knowles to the masses, showing off pictures of Beyonce's half-sister, and she came armed with receipts.

In an upcoming interview Mathew Knowles baby mama Taqoya Branscomb shows off her daughter Koi Knowles and says she hopes Koi can one day meet Beyonce. See cute cute pics of koi below:

 photo koi4.png

 photo koi7.png

 photo koi5.png

This poor little cutie's mom is a big time opportunist! She's seriously cashing out on her meal ticket! Sooo... Sad!

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