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Exclusive: Blog Reader’s Desperate Agony And Traumatic Child Bearing Experience

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Hello fellow blog readers, I’m Mrs Chinwe, an ardent zinny's blog reader but I hardly comment… I’m really impressed with you zinny. Keep it up! I’m not here to bore you, but I want to share my real life experience with you all. Please, I’m not a professional writer so please forgive my typos and grammatical errors...

My story started in 2007 when I lost my first baby boy to the cold hands of death, I was in labour for like 4-5 days after which I had a still birth. After a year of mental torture, I had my baby girl. I was so ecstatic! My newly joy knew no bound that I easily forgot bitter past experience not knowing that the enemy was still lurking behind, waiting to dish me another bitter blow, I lost my 2nd son after taking in and carrying him full term, as if that was not enough, I lost the 3rd another baby boy. I felt my whole world crumbling like a pack of cards. I gave up- thinking that the Lord has forgotten me… I cried like someone that is hopeless, I wept uncontrollably. The doctor warned that I should give up on child bearing reason been that, I may not come out of the process alive.

But when the lord remembered me, it was like a dream, even as am typing this, I still feel like am dreaming…. So when I took in for my little precious baby above, I was so much afraid, I couldn't bring myself to tell my husband because he has warned me severally not to try anymore since we have 2 adorable girls. I summoned courage to approach my husband that I was pregnant again. He was so afraid that I finally coerced and encourage him that as one in Christ, we should look up to God and not man.

I was so afraid that I refuse to register for antenatal because I decided that if I should die, let it be in the comfort of my home and not in the hospital.

Going down this bitter memory lane tortures my heart…

When I was 6 months pregnant, I went for my first scan which revealed that my growing fetus was a boy. My fear increased at this point, my husband was pleading that I register in a more qualified hospital but the gripping fear in me wouldn't let me… at a point, when I was already 7 months gone, I boldly decided on registering for antenatal. Instead of going to my former hospital, I decided to try a government specialist hospital because of the testimonies I have heard from concerned friends and family.

Truly God used them because on hearing my agonizing story, they made me a special patient who is in dire need of their medical attention.. they patiently and lovingly followed me up. First of all, they admitted me for more than one week just to keep a close tab on me.

This time it was going to be different, I was determined to attend official classes, where I would be taught face to face with an experienced instructor that I trusted and who I new would support me, answer my many questions and most importantly teach me how to make a positive birth experience happen. This way, I wouldn't make the same mistake twice. sincerely, i hoped and dreamed of my very own perfect birth.

My experience this time, was a charm it was so very different to my previous experiences because I felt this reassuring peace that God was with me.. This time I didn't even realize that our little man was ready to meet us.

All advice given were strictly adhered because they assured me that I would get a favourable result. I was informed that on the 9th month, I will go through a cesarean operation. I didn't bulge because as long as I have my bundle of joy, I don’t really care about which process…the CS operation went smoothly and I give Glory to God. 

I thank God that today, I’m able to share my story with great joy. At last, the Lord did it and gave me happiness it wasn't easy for me but Lord saw me through during those trying mourning period, it got to a point that when I see children who are supposed to be the same age as my late sons, I would feel so much burning pain and feel my heart beat fast… if I see neighbour's children playing around, I would say “lord why me”

Before I conclude my story, I will like to give you few names of my baby, the one I love most is: “CHIEMERIE” meaning “God has won” and truly he won! His father named him “ SHAWN” Meaning the “ PRECIOUS ONE” His grandfather named him “SETH” meaning “The appointed one” his grandmother named him “CHIZARAMEKPERE” meaning “God answered my prayers” he has other names like: The great, testimony---from our pastor, some named him Prince, Miracle and Ekpereamaka-“Prayer is good” etc…

If I look at all these names, I feel fulfilled! I thank God for everything.... I have to end it here. In all, I give ALL Glory to God! 

My advice to women out there, most especially those trusting God for the fruit of the womb. Always depend on God because for me I wouldn't have made it this far but with God ALL things were made possible. You may think that He’s paying a deaf ear to your prayers or a blind eyes to your tears, But One day, He will surely wipe away your tears as he did for me .

Remain Blessed!

Wow!!! If God can do it for her, He can also replicate and duplicated this testimony into your life, He is more powerful than you can ever imagine. Trust in him... I’m happy to say that her positive attitude completely reversed all the most traumatic experience she ever experienced. Once again, congratulations on the safe arrival of your baby boy!!! thanks for sharing... God bless and preserve your family forever and ever!!!


  1. Wow...dis is indeed God @ work...dis testimony is so amazing. I took my time to read it all.

    BTW,zinny I luv ur blog...kip it up


  2. Wow...dis is indeed God @ work...dis testimony is so amazing. I took my time to read it all.

    BTW,zinny I luv ur blog...kip it up



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