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Grandpa Snoop Dogg Barks (Woof Woof Woof ) At Iggy Azalea Via Instagram

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Iggy Azalea the Australian rapper has enjoyed massive success this year but that doesn’t stop her from being constantly dragged across social media, and this time the beefing was done by none other than the grandpa Snoop Dogg who barked woof, woof, woof, woof... LOL

Iggy was photographed at the airport without makeup last week which gave us all a confidence boost because she looks just like everyone else in the morning.

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But Snoop didn’t quite see it that way, and instead saw an opportunity to mock her, sharing the following meme on Instagram.
Iggy responded with the following messages calling Uncle Snoop out on his two-faced ways
Unfortunately, Iggy’s response made to post the following pic

Iggy decided to take it further...

But Snoop wasn’t ready to back down just yet and posted a few more pics
Do you think that Iggy is just being sensitive or was grandpa Snoop is just being a mean bully by posting those pics?

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