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Is Fantasia's Husband's Recent Tattoos The New Loyalty?

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Some peeps Never learn at all . Recently, Fantasia’s new man/husband Kendall Taylor takes the next step in their relationship and tattoos her name across his heart…
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Remember when Johnny Depp tatted Winona Ryder’s name on himself? He had it changed to “wino” when they broke up and Nick Cannon tatted Maria's name and latter changed it to a "Crucifix" ... if you are loyal to your supposed wife, side-chick or baby mama etc it doesn't mean that you should tat them all over your body.. there are genuine ways of showing your loyalty to that one special person... JUST MAN UP and ZIP UP! SMH.  Maybe, He needs concrete, concise and correct evidence of the relationship when he divorces her and goes after HALF... whatever rocks their boat! Congrats Mr Taylor on your new tats! LOL

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