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Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Which Is The Fairest Asset Of Them All?

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You adore your body, I adore my body and We all adore our bodies.. when you look at the mirror, I guess you are satisfied with that one or more special feature(s) ... from that long legs, to that tight figure 8 curve, or face, waist, back side, fingers, dentition, dimples, Abs, big eyes with long natural lashes, shoulder, belly button, full pouted lips, nose, long luscious hair, Cheek-bony Face, smile etc...

If celebrities can insure their body parts for millions e.g. Heidi Klum, Holly Madison, dolly Parton, Jennifer Lopez insured her hips, Nigerian actress Cossy Orjiakor insured her massive boobs, then you have all the right in this world to love and cherish that God given asset.

Thirdly, which part of your body do you love??? I happen to love my eyes because it's the most mysterious and arresting feature ever! when I transfix my eyes on you, you are a goner... LOL. I also love my badass tight figure most especially when am rocking a hot figure flattering pencil dress...hmmmmm...Aaaaaaah-mazing! LOL.

Which part of your body do you love? Which do you get compliments the most? Share with me the fairest assets of them all. ~wink**

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