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Who Do You Think Is Mostly Fake In The Big Brother House?

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In the diary session today, Biggie was keen on finding out how the Hotshots were developing around each other. He eased them into the conversation by asking about their feelings around winning the wager and the subsequent reward. All housemates were happy about having done well last night and thanked Biggie again for the drinks.

Permithias told Biggie that people are peeling off and coming out with their colourful characters. He admitted that things aren’t as they seem with housemates testing each other's patience. The bubbly Esther told Biggie that alcohol relaxes her and that one of the most important things she has learnt is that when it comes to talent, you need people around you to offer advice.

Lillian displayed her irritation with people pretending too much. She said that housemates were being “holy holy” but quickly assured Biggie that they would soon realize people’s true characters. She also said that as people moved towards grouping themselves, they were simultaneously trying to outshine one another.

Sabina shared that people were competing to share life stories that would capture the hearts of Africans and felt as though some were trying too hard by exaggerating and forcing stories about their past experiences. Resa is adjusting slow and is cognizant of the fact that she can’t like everyone in the house. She told Biggie that people were trying to get others to like them in order to ensure that they stay longer in the house and added that people were two-faced.

Macky2 felt that last night’s performance task served to unite the housemates. He said that everyone was trying to stay relevant in the game and that there was a notable level of pretense in it. Tayo told Biggie that he feels that he shouldn’t be friends with everyone so that he can remain conscious of the fact that they are playing a game.

Idris said that he has noted that the HoH has started playing the game and this was evident in her picking her team. Mira is happy with how she is learning to let go and getting comfortable with the other housemates. She told Biggie that the real personalities were coming out and that it wasn’t a case of some being fake but rather that people were becoming real in the game.

Sheilla was optimistic and said that however things would play out would be for the best. She has noticed that some people are full of pretense and that the real ones made it easier to engage in honest conversations. She said that Permithias was two-faced and found that Resa and her did not quite get along. Macky2 related that a tense atmosphere was brought by Laveda with her selection of most of the seemingly strong characters in her team.

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