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BBA Hotshots: Tayo Is Pissed With Ellah...

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As the game gets tougher each day, housemates are scared, tension and paranoia in the house have increased, everyone is strategizing for their stay in the house. Unlike the previous seasons, this season has witnessed so many campaigns with the hotshots looking for more country votes.

Tayo was last night pissed and very pissed at Ellah for campaigning in a wrong way. This happened when Ellah while hugging Trez talked to the camera asking East Africa to vote for her and Trezagah. Tayo got so pissed and told Ella that it’s very wrong for her to campaign based on region as this is a continental show and it is the whole of Africa to determine who deserves to stay and go. He then said that he’ll raise the issue with biggie during his diary session.

Tayo is concern is that if it’s based on regions then he doesn’t have any business being in the house as he’s clearly disadvantaged having only Ghana as ally from the West African region. He kept saying that he is an African and should be judged as one and not by region.

The conversation veered into Nigeria winning thrice as some countries have up to now won nothing. This got Nigerian further infuriated. He said if others have won, it does not mean that it should affect his own chance as their win did not get into his pocket.He argued that regional campaign/vote will kill the game and it’s unfair He added that he wouldn’t mind leaving the show if it boils down to that. Mr 265 ,Frankie pleaded with him,calmed & reassured him that it wasn’t the case. Ellah as the root cause of all this obviously seeing that she messed up now had to apologize to him by reassuring him that he’s loved by Africa citing his gifts from theBBA fans

Seems this year housemates are well informed about the region thing and which countries have their back. Last week Nhlanhla was heard explaining how the whole region concept works and that he based his HOH add decision on regions.

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