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BBA HOTSHOTs: Ex Housemates Are Causing Dlama, Dlama, Dlama!!!!

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Ever since the ex-housemates came into the house, it seemed as though they brought in along with them, “the spirit of drama”. Attempts were made to create a rift between Sheillah and Nhlanhla and ended up in bed, sad and lonely.

Miss P made it her business to approach Nhlanhla in his most comfortable spot and did her best to seduce him. Nhlanhla was consumed by the sensual caresses and it was clear that he was enjoying the new attention. Elikem quickly called for Sheillah when he witnessed the sight in the bathroom and almost half-dragged her there to “catch” Nhlanhla in actions.

Vimbia tried to block Sheillah from going to the bathroom but Elikem could not allow anything to get in his way. After Sheillah had seen Miss P and Nhlanhla is the bathroom, she dismissed the whole scene, assuring Elikem and Vimbia that that she couldn’t have been any more bothered and told them they were not an exclusive couple – they just like each other.

Feza shared her opinion with Idris and Goitse and although this was done in good heart, Ellah lay in her bed feeling played by Idris whom Butterphly confirmed had been flirting with Goitse the whole day yesterday. Butterphly even took it upon herself to address Idris but the happy Tanzanian gents did not take her much too seriously.

Idris later went to Ellah to reassure her that he loved her and the smitten model quickly forgave him and declared her love for him. Butterphly and M’am Bea both advised her to guard her heart and she said the she just didn’t want to be taken for a ride.

The “new” housemates had definitely brought a different type energy into the house and housemates were mostly enjoying the latest inclusions. Goitse and Sipe took a liking to Natasha whom they cuddled in bed with.

JJ sat out with Miss P and shares stories. Denzel was all over the show, mingling with whomsoever was keen on entertaining him. The dynamics in the house had definitely been altered and we were off to an interesting week!

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