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Love or Loathe: Kim Kardashian Recreate Solange’s Wedding Picture

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Kim Kardashian and her family truly tries way too hard to compete with the Knowles Carter clan…. After Solange wedding pictures were released by Vogue and it showed Beyoncé, Solange, Miss Tina and the entire wedding party in an epic pose in like an abandoned loft, everyone was talking about how great and epic it looked. Mama Kris Jenner strategically posted a white theme photos of her and her girls to shade solanges and now Kim decided to do a picture of her own to get people talking.. And guess what? it worked!

Kim took a picture and posted it on Instagram trying to recapture that moment with Nude mannequins with missing arms..

It’s pretty scary how obsessed she is with Beyoncé and family. Even down to the lipstick! It’s pretty pathetic. Kim is just upset that she wasn’t invited and that no matter how hard she tries, she will never be in their circle...

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