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Nigeria Prison Break: One Dead, Two Injured ...

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The tranquility of Koton-Karfe which is a fishing community near the River Niger in Kogi state, located on the Lokoja-Abuja road, close to the River Niger, some 15 minutes’ drive to Lokoja and over 100 kilometers from Abuja was broken about 10pm on Sunday with heavy gun shots which continued for more than two hours before army came. The rampaging gunmen had left with unspecified numbers of the prison inmates after freeing others.

A detachment of armed soldiers arrived the town hours later when the attackers had concluded their mission and fled.

In 2012, a similar jail break occurred at the same prison suspected to have been launched by the Boko Haram insurgents but the federal government rejected claims that it was done by the insurgents.

Minister of Interior Abba Moro who had visited the prison after the attack said it was hoodlums that invaded the prison not Boko Haram.

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According to Sky News:

More than 130 prisoners are on the run after dynamite was used to free them from a jail in Kogi state, central Nigeria.

Jacob Edi, a spokesman for the area governor's office said: "There were 145 prisoners at the time of the attack. One died, eight have been recaptured and four surrendered voluntarily. The rest are at large."

Koton Karfi prison is thought to hold many suspected fighters from Islamist group Boko Haram, who have been responsible for a five-year insurgency in Nigeria that has killed thousands of people and driven hundreds of thousands more from their homes.

"They blew up the thing with dynamite," said national police spokesman Emmanuel Ojukwu of the attack, which took place on Sunday evening

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