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Usher and Tameka Has A Scandalous Sex Tape?

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Four years ago a scandalous sex tape starring Usher and his ex-wife Tameka Raymond almost got unleashed on the public

The tape has surfaced again…the tape fell into the wrong hands after someone broke into Usher’s vehicle in Atlanta back in 2010. The thief got away with approximately $1 million in jewellery, two laptops and two video cameras. One of the cameras reportedly contained sexually explicit footage of intimate moments shared between Usher and his now ex-wife, Tameka Raymond

According to
TMZ the tape, which is rumoured to be VERY KINKY, is being shopped around to blogs.

Apparently none of the adult film companies will touch it because no.1 it's stolen and no.2 there's no way in hell Usher or Tameka would sign off on it.

Usher's lawyers are working aggressively to make sure that tape never sees the light of day.

They were married and happy adults when they filmed this in the privacy of their own home. This is crazy... really crazy! I personally hopes the tape never gets shown.

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