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12 Celebrities Who Tatted Twice After Nasty Breakup

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Getting a significant others' name always is not a good idea. And yet, so many people take a permanent tattoo just because they want the love of their life to feel special in their own kinda way. However, once a break-up happens, what will you do??? unless their name is Lauren, in which case you turn it to Ralph Lauren like this. LOL. Tattoos are forever, some relationships aren't. Be wise!

These are Celebrities who either partially removed or edited their tats after a nasty bitter break up.

Eva Longoria

She broke up with Tony Parker. The original tat was “Nine” on the back of her neck. You can imagine the pain she went through trying to get this tat done. Newayz, she got it removed.

Marc Anthony

Before Mr lover man broke up with Ex-wife Jennifer Lopez he had an original tat of "Jennifer "on his wrist. guess what?! He covered it up with another tattoo.


Rapper Eve, before she broke up with Stevie J had a tat “Sleazy's Girl” with a heart on wrist, after breakup she covered up with a red peony

Nick Cannon

He recently broke up with Mariah Carey which shook many fans ... He had this massive tat of “Mariah” on his back which he later covered up with a crucifix of Jesus.

Johnny Depp

Before he Broke Up With Winona Ryder, he had a tat of “Winona Ryder” on his bicep which he eventually Altered to “Wino Forever” after breakup.

Halle Berry

This aaaaaah-mazing ageless beauty had an original tat of "David Justice" on her butt! LOL. Really crazy right? After the nasty breakup, she had it covered with sunflower.

Kenyon Martin

American professional basketball player broke up with girlfriend Trina and kissed the original tat lips of Trina on his neck goodbye. He covered it up with a crown.

Iggy Azalea

Izzy got a tattoo to signify her love for American rapper ASAP Rocky with the tattoo: “LIVE LOVE A$VP” on her fingers but when they broke up, She had "A$VP" crossed out

Keyshia Cole

Before her unstable marriage to NBA player Daniel Gibson she had a Tat “Truly Blessed D. Gib” on her shoulder. After breakup she covered it up with a butterfly.

Denise Richards

Before the troublesome actor Charlie Sheen booted Ex wife Denise Richards from his
house, she had a tat of “Charlie” on her ankle which she eventually covered with a fairy.

Melanie Griffith

The Actress who took friends and family by surprise after a silent divorce from Ex-husband Antonio Banderas had a tat “Antonio” in heart on her bicep, got it cleaned after breakup.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina had a very crazy relationship with Ex husband Billy Bob Thornton. When she was overly obsessed with him, she had a tat “Billy Bob” on her bicep but after breakup, she had it removed and replaced with new tattoo.

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