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Bill Cosby's Youngest Daughter Says Rape Accusers Should Be Jailed

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Bill Cosby's youngest daughter, 38-year-old Evin Cosby, has been very vocal in supporting her father on her public Facebook page recently. She showed support for her mom and to address claims made against her father. She stated that women who falsely accuse men of rape should be jailed seemingly implying that the more than 20 women who accused daddy Cosby should go to prison.

Evin writes,

"Rape is a serious allegation and it is suppose to be taken VERY seriously but so is Falsely accusing someone. When someone rapes a person they go to prison. THAT should also happen to the person that has wrongfully accused an innocent victim.They are not ONLY destroying innocent people's life they are ALSO making it hard for the MEN and Women to find justice when they have been raped."
Questions- if someone isn’t feeling well…. What you do? Do you A. Call a doctor B. Go to the hospital or C. Can’t believe I called someone BLEEP??? It’s either A or B! Drugged- you can remember the whole damn day but you were drugged? Just sayin. Memory- you can remember you looked at (allegedly) each other, people were starring allegedly remembering your home address allegedly the name you called him allegedly But you were allegedly drugged.
On a serious note, the stigma of a rape accusation just doesn't wash off like some stubborn stains on a clothing material. Even after being proven innocent that person’s life is automatically ruined!

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