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Elikem And Pokello Fight on Instagram Over A 46 Year-Old Woman

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 BBA The Chase's most loved couple, Zimbabwean Pokello Nare and Ghana’s Elikem Kumordzi’s more than a year-old relationship has hit the rocks. The recently engaged couple have been turning necks lately over their small scuffle on Instagram just the other day. Pokello and Elikem, who appeared on Big Brother Hotshots Live Show the other weekend were fighting over a certain woman, whom Pokello accused of trying to steal Elikem from her.

Pokello complained that the woman, named Gloria was disturbing her peace over Elikem. The woman aged 46 years old was craving for a piece of Elikem and Pokello was not happy about it. In the post, Pokello calls the lady a grandmother for wanting to be with Elikem who is apparently 26 years old.

Elikem was not happy after reading what Pokello had posted in her Instagram page. He went on to tell Pokello to deal with her insecurities and stop posting private information online for everybody to see.

In a series of tweets, the Big Brother star and fashion design, confirmed dating Gloria and also disclosed that she made life a hell for Pokello.

“I had an affair with Gloria Lamptey for 4 years before Big Brother. I tried to start a new life with Pokello but it seems my past won't allow,” he posted on Twitter.

He also disclosed that Pokello broke up with him three months ago because of Odartey Lamptey’s ex-wife: “Pokello broke up with me 3 months ago because Gloria was harassing her. I fought to get her back and now it seems I can't win.

“The truth must come out once and for all.Yes I was young and had an affair with a married woman for 4 years.i denied media reports about it.

“When Pokello is mad, no one gets thru to her. Yes Gloria has made her life hell but the way she reacts is just wrong. I'm not perfect.”

“To my fans, I apologise. I have tried to clear this situation ensuring Pokello I want her but she keeps gettn calls n texts so we keep fightn,” Elikem apologized to his fans.

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