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Miranda Kerr Is InStyle Australia's Cover Girl For January 2015 Issue.

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The "Victoria's Secret" supermodel, Kerr, 31, opened up about her dating status at the moment. In an exclusive interview with the magazine, she said that she's very single and really happy to be single.

As a single mother after her split with Orlando Bloom,  she also talked about her past affairs

"I've learned communication is key; that it's really important to be honest and open about what you're feeling. It's okay to have a bad day. In my past relationships, I always wanted to be strong and empowered but actually it's empowering sometimes to say: "I need help" or "I can't do this alone" or "Today's been really tough for me." It's important to a healthy relationship." 
She opens up about her super busy modeling schedule, being a mother, and finding ways to balance it all, saying:
"When I didn't continue the contracts with Victoria's Secret and David Jones it freed me up a lot. [But] when I've taken on these other contracts and clients, I've made it very clear that my base is here [in Malibu, Cailfornia]. I'm actually working less, even though it appears I'm working more, but I'm working more locally. With Victoria's Secret, I used to travel a lot and I couldn't do that being a mother. Now I make sure that I work a certain amount of days and then I'll have days off with Flynn [her three-year-old son]." See more photos below:

For the full interview of Miranda Kerr, check it out instylemag.com.au. 

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