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OMG! Bruce Jenner Wants To Be Called Agnes In 2015

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Bruce Jenner is transitioning, from male to female. Come 2015, The 65-year-old reality star, who’s been raising eyebrows for his drastic feminine changes over the past few months, wants to be called Agnes.

HollywoodLife has has the HOT scoop:

We asked him why the name change and why West Hollywood as opposed to bringing it in with his family. Regarding the name, he said it’s ‘in honor of Ágnes Keleti who is one of the best gymnasts ever.’ We were like, ‘Okay. That’s cool.'” our source continued.

Agnes is an Hungarian-born Israeli gymnast who won 10 Olympic medals over the course of her career, including five gold medals. She was also the most successful athlete at the 1956 Summer Olympics. We see you, Bruce. Keeping it within the Olympian family!
Bruce Jenner certainly doesn’t want to be referred to by that name in 2015.

“We don’t know if he’s joking but he’s told us in passing that he wants to begin the New Year with a ‘banging change,’ and said he wants to change his name to ‘Agnes’ legally on his driver’s license and bring in the New Year in West Hollywood,” an insider revealed to


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