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The Beyhive Made It To Top 20 In GQ's ''Year In Hotness'' List

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The Hives has made it! GQ released their “Year In Hotness” list today, full of supermodels and actresses. But clocking in at No. 20 is an unusual entry: the Beyhive, Beyoncé's dedicated fan base. has the scoop:
Fans of the Year: The Beyhive
If you’ve never been stung by the Beyhive—Beyoncé’s swarm of devotees—count yourself lucky. It’s an experience of shame and misery with a dash of life-threatening danger. An off-colour joke I tweeted about a potential Jay Z and écnoyeB album elicited a call to arms from a hive leader: hundreds of replies, dozens of veiled threats, and teenage girls threatening to beat my ass.
Why don’t other famous folks have fans like this? How about an Obamahive? Or better yet, Mr President, just work with what’s already out there: Put the most readily assembled transnational army to work. Trouble with bad guys radicalizing and recruiting via Twitter? Have your speechwriters compose tweets from ISIS about how Katy Perry is better than the Queen Bee. Problem solved.

It’s been a big year for the Beyhive. Its active social media presence inspired a Saturday Night Live skit called “The Beygency,” in which a man who doesn’t love the singer’s single “Drunk In Love” is forced to run for his life. The Beyhive was also the subject of an article on NPR and a list on Buzzfeed.

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