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"Your life won't be like this, it will be bigger and better but You will have to identify the right people for your life going your direction and submit in learning as God leads you"- Ezinne Christine Chukwuka.

Mrs. Olufunke Awobokun, The down-to-earth ultra successful CEO of Cocktail In And Out and Grills In And Out is a lawyer by training, a certified mixologist and an active member of the International Caterers Association. She has always been creative with drinks even back in her school days. She inspired me greatly as the guest Speaker during a business roundtable hosted by Holyhill Business clinic Abuja, Nigeria on Saturday the 25th of January 2015.

During the lecture I suddenly realized in those moments why I slacked pursing my passion. I made it a point of duty to start fighting for what I wanted. She dished out time Proven and tested tips to empower young entrepreneurs like me who felt starting big was the new high. She practically started very little and grew to force to reckon with. I have learnt that passion fuels pursuit and persistence. When you are soooo passionate about your business, you overcome confrontation, risks and dangers.

  • When pitching for a job, don't talk bad about your competitors.
  • Don't follow trends. all you have to do is set your trends. Dare to be different.
  • Be open to change by giving your clients more to comeback for.
  • Go all out, give your best.
  • Always go beyond your customer in order to satisfy them.
  • Research, Research and more research.
  • Whatever business you are going to do make it a point of duty for it to function without you.
  • Always give your job different packages.
  • Know your target market and always be friendly with them.
  • Always go for trade shows.
  • Employ the use of social media.
  • Always be on your toes. don't be too comfortable. Up your game.
  • Have the ability to start small and grow big.
  • Be accountable.
  • Be disciplined.
  • Always think about the next thing your competitors are not doing.
  • Never look down on any job, big jobs can emerge from there.
  • Package yourself because first impression matter.
  • Perception matters. Present your business the way you want it to be perceived.
  • Always have your complementary cards ready.
  • Narrow your focus; do not have conflicting interests.
  • Add value. Go beyond satisfying your customers to delighting your costumers.
  • Save your money. Learn to keep your money in the bank first before spending it.
  • Take advantage of friendly competition. You can learn a lot from your competitors.
  • Be creative, innovative.
  • Be passionate about your business.
  • Be willing to sacrifice luxurious living for the sake of growing your business. Be disciplined.
  • There is nothing wrong with running your business from your house, car or phone.
  • Leverage the power of networking and collaborating with people in your area of business. Form business partnerships.
  • When you satisfy your client you make more money.
  • Persevere. Don't give up if the going gets tough. You can never tell if a small opportunity will lead to your breakthrough.

 "The mystery of men lies in their stories"- Bishop David Olaniyi Oyedepo ( Founder Living Faith Church Intl AKA Winners Chapel).

"Passion fuels drive, it has the capacity to recruit vision implementers" - Pastor (Dr) Paul Enenche.(Founder Dunamis International)
"Concentration on competition is an act of mediocrity"- Mrs. Olufunke Awobokun (CEO Cocktails In AndOut, Grills In And Out)

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