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To My Beloved And Loyal Friend Of Thirteen-ish Years On Her Magical Journey Into Motherhood

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To my Dearest Annie...

I have so many thoughts in my head about you, love, your big day, and what you mean to me.

I hope you know how completely ESCTATIC I am for you.

On our journey of friendship we have been through so much. You were the best room mate and neighbour ever! When I think back to every single major adult moment in my life, you have been the one true friend by my side. I can vividly remember when Isaac's friend saw my fashionable self for the first time rocking my ripped jeans, blue eye shadows, dyed hair (colour 27 and 33), crazy nail polish and my signature BIG Blinged channel O earrings with swag #LOL# he was majorly concerned about our friendship but you defended your crazy friend even when I wasn't there. You told him how much I love to explore new things and how nice and religiously grounded I was back then. When it came to the issue of finance, you knew how wasteful I was with spending and my philanthropic ways rather you didn't take advantage as others did but you always looked for different sneaky ways to take that money from me so that I could save for rainy days.

When I was going through a lot of crises, you physically held me and told me it was going to be okay. When I started dating Chika you listened as I gushed about us. We gossiped a lot. LOL. You always were my wing woman going out and would do crazy things at my request. thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing my life with me. You have laughed as hard as me and wanted to cry sometimes for me, you never judged me and just accepted me. Oh Annie, you have been the most aaaaaah-mazing loyal friend a girl could ask for, and I know I faulted in comparison.

I feel bad for people that don't have an Annie in their life.

I am so very happy for you that you have found true love and can start the next chapter of your lives together, which is just a day old. And I am so happy for Nero aka Nerozy my brozy from another papa that he found you and obviously I love him because he realized how amazing you were and swept you off your loyal feet... I was always quizzing that poor guy. Please, Oga Nero don't blame me cos I'm overly protective of ALL my family and friend's relationships. My Name is EZINNE aka GOOD MOTHER/MOTHER HAWK. Ask my one and only sister Mummy Jay, my hoodie and best pals blazing hilly and dearest Snazzy etc... they would attest to that fact without blinking. LOL.

Friendship is about having fun and being yourself. With you, I was 100% myself.

Happy blissful married life my beloved!!!




  1. Zinny, where in this freaking world did you disappear to? really nice post but you need to take blogging seriously. don't relent it will pay off someday. I suggest you rebrand your blog. just my honest 1 cent.

  2. Zinny, nyc write up. I need an explanation, u were not there? One luv

  3. hahahaa... Brendan, I'm so sorry. I enrolled in diploma courses in order to equip and push myself to something new and profitable. Thanks a lot.... I appreciate. I will defn. look into it. God bless you.


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