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Every gIRL'S 'Once In A While' New Me gUIDE

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Cuties on the fabulous lane to clocking the BIG 30, I'm here to offer you a whole new approach for dealing with your life right now. It's a resource to help you learn, laugh, and figure out the stuff you would want to do or not do anymore. It won't cajole but you'll need to decide that for your fabulous self on how to take full control of your future and hopefully say HELLO to a new way of living! ...

  • Disconnect from the wrong company. Don't over-respect anyone so much as to allow them remain in your life when they should not; when they are meant to expire from your life. Receive this fab gift of saying, "Bye bye" "so long".

  • Get dressed up for no other reason but to wear your new heels – even if it’s just to cook dinner for hubby or friends.

  • Try new food and order something different. Don’t be boring.
  • Delete, unfollow and block people who bring negativity into your life. love is a commandment but relationship is a choice. Think about that.

  • Spoil yourself silly with something really expensive, once a year. Even if you have to save up all year for that special designer bag or that amazing pair of CL heels or an expensive gadget, you will love and appreciate them later.

  • Bake a cake and then eat the whole thing, without feeling bad about gaining some weight.

  • Take your yourself out and enjoy a delicious meal in a restaurant, all by yourself. Don’t hide but make sure you put down your iphone, ipad, BB... Take a look at the people around you, and just enjoy your delicious food.
  • Go to a spa. good day or not, sweeddyyy, you dddddddddeserve a massage!

  • Cut your hair or try a life changing new look.
  • Forgive someone. Especially if they don’t deserve it – just because you are the bigger and better person. Holding a grudge is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.

  • Travel alone or with group of trusted friends. Pack your bags, take your passport and say goodbye to the people you love, just for a little while. Take some time out to enjoy your own company. For my lovelies in Nigeria, with your Nigerian passport, there are lots of visa free countries for you to explore. See list below:

  • Barbados,
  • CapeVerde,
  • Côted'Ivoire,
  • Ghana
  • Mauritania,
  • Seychelles,
  • Sierra Leone,
  • Togo,
  • Dominica,
  • Grenada,
  • Haiti,
  • Montserrat,
  • Saint Kitts and Nevis,
  • Turks and Caicos Islands,
  • Maldives,
  • Singapore,
  • Cook Islands,
  • Fiji...
The period of days for you to stay varies from country to country and then you would have to obtain a visa. Many other countries issue visas on arrival. Please, be careful. Do inquire from Embassies or use country's website to research for more clarification. Send emails and call if you can.

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