SHOCKING: 14-Year-Old Girl Arrested After Shocking Video Of Toddler Performing Sex Act Surfaces On Facebook

Facebook can be a positive means of sharing information and pictures, and sometimes it can be an avenue for illegal activity. I think children should be protected from social media and technology in general at an early age or wait until they are older.

WLTX has the scoop:
An Orangeburg County Sheriff was alerted to a video shared on Facebook involving a teenage girl and the alleged sexual assault of a toddler. The baby was allegedly “performing a sexual act” on the teen.

Orangeburg County Sheriff Leroy Ravenell says “a number of area law enforcement agencies” received calls about the shocking video. One of those tipsters, who reportedly received the video via Facebook message, was able to identify the teen and to give her location for police to make an arrest reports WLTX.

The girl, who is not named because of her age, is now in custody and reportedly being held at the Department of Juvenile Justice in Columbia. It is believed, according to WLTX, that the girl videoed the alleged sexual encounter and sent it to her ex-boyfriend. When questioned, she admitted to being the girl in the
video, but claimed she didn’t remember making the video because “she was drunk.”

Reports do not specify how the wildly inappropriate video ended up on social media. Two other children inside the home have also been reportedly rescued and taken into state custody.

According to a report obtained by WLTX printed by the sheriff’s office said, “This is a devastating case where an innocent child is being abused and taken advantage of by someone whom the child should have been able to trust. Parents, we’re calling upon you to police your children. Inspect their phones and social media accounts to see who they are talking to, and what they are sharing.” The report goes on to tell parents that if they are paying for the phones, then they have a right to see exactly what’s going on.

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