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Kelly Rowland Throws Innocent Shades At Beyonce

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Beyonce the pop star, who's known for being secretive about her private life is notorious for shielding Blue ivy from her fans and the media, so did Queen Bee's bff/cousin Kelly Rowland innocently shade her with a comment about keeping family too private?!

Entertainment Tonight has the scoop:

Kelly Rowland tells Kevin Fraiser....

“I’m proud of my family. It’s nothing that I have to hide. My husband and my child and what we share together at home is beautiful…”

Shade levels detected. Innocent but interesting....

...and speaking of Kelly Rowland and Beyonce did you know that Queen bey didn't attend Kelly's beloved mother's funeral? this blind item was reveal from Crazy Days and Nights.

Crazy Days and Nights has the scoop:
What former girl group member had her husband give attendees at her mother’s funeral excuses about that A++ list songstress’s absence (mainly because the latter wasn’t close to her friend’s mother)? People were whispering that the two aren’t as close as they once were.

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