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1.Your green eyes shine korokoro when he gives flirtatious vibes to another woman. Imagine this scenario; you are at an 'owambe' party, you noticed that your oga at the top is extremely flirtatious with another hot looking woman, you shudder and stamp your little feet at the same time. Take it easy, take a deep breath to release that anger boiling inside. Don’t hide your emotions. Let le boo know that you don’t like his animalistic behaviour, but do it in a calm and coded way. The last thing you want to do is to cry and scream and ruin your perfect makeup.

2. Your green eyes shine when you learn correct coded amebo yarns about your other half from his friends. My dear, wetin you go do nah? most especially when you don say i do finish! It’s painful! yes, i dig! biko, sit the nigga down and calmly ask questions why he didn’t tell you anything about it, but don't act too much drama. maybe, erhmmm... Maybe, he forgot to tell you about it, or doesn't want you to know.

3. Your green eyes shine bright like a diamond when le boo doesn't joke with office waka or football video game. Disastrous! Nne, biko (please) take heart! Oga, it's not a sin to love your job or PS3 game, you should also spend your time with family to avoid tempting stories that touch the heart.

4. Your green eyes shine bright like a diamond when you feel like no tender, love and care is coming from oga's end. His endless successful football rant about Chelsea and Arsenal na pure torture to the ears most especially when he's not even asking you how your day went. Flash him that yellow and red card at once! you are trying to cope with the dusty harmattan breeze and saliva is flying left right and center. Oga, calmly pause for a minute and find out what's bothering madam. Madam, don't pretend, tell oga what he's not doing right.

5. Your green eyes shine bright like a diamond when oga dey travel up and down.Whether na guy's hangout or business waka or coded side chick waka, na him sabi. Babe, calm down! i know say you dey boil... but if oga love you well well, he will never go anywhere at all without you. No dull, open your mouth tell am say you wan join am. After all, a closed mouth is a closed destiny... you better talk or forever hold your peace.

6. Your green eyes shine bright like a diamond when oga buys expensive designer clothing, smartphone and jewelries just for himself so that he can look very sharp for bellanaija to notice him and for them side chicks to admire. But the wicked twist to this is that he buys only cheap okirika wake up things for you. Biko, what is good for the goose is also good for the gander. Hian! don't keep quiet oooo....this situation don carry K-leg. Haba! Oga, if you so claim to love her as the only sugar in your tea, maggot in you toilet, why don't you love her as you genuinely love yourself? Even if she likes to wear cheap things, it's time to upgrade her! Are you a learner? Don't you know people will respect you the most when your madam is looking tam tam like baby 'oku'. Hold your balls in your hand and act like the real MAN you truly are! #Enough said.

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