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The Ugly Christmas Crave is The New High

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Ho Ho Ho!!!! It’s that season of the year which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love, love and mooorrre love!!!! Today, I present to your fashionable mind the ugly Christmas sweaters which are unbeatable and a major trend setter this holiday season. Ooh yeah!!!! You gonna love it! Some designs has large depictions of Santa, snowmen, reindeer, Christmas trees and crazy PG inscriptions.. The major popping colours are green, white and red.

According to Allison Berry,
Bill Cosby was a modern-day pioneer of the trend and is revered as an ugly sweater icon. As Cliff Huxtable on his eponymous ‘80s sitcom, the family man’s uniform of choice was a wooly pullover with questionable color mixing and patterns. Thanks to Cosby, as well as Chevy Chase in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, these sweaters experienced resurgence until their popularity faded as the ‘90s began.

I have put together pictures of fashionistas rocking this classic trend. Please, find pictures below for your viewing pleasure:

Ale & Daddy's lil Princess

Whoopi Goldberg

Camila Alves

Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani

Lauren Conrad
Kate Hudson twinning 
Hailee Steinfeld
Olive Beckham
Do you like it??? please, share your thoughts. XOXO


  1. Weldone Zinnylicious! Here's a special Christmas wish to you and yours! Wishing you both blessings upon blessings. Xxx

  2. Aww, thanks hun😘 Wishing you same and many more...


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