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Khloe Kard VS Destiney Blue: The Battle Royale of a Design Thief

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This is not a hip hop feud like the historic Notorious BIG vs Tupac that produced award wining diss tracks that led to their tragic unsolved death in 1996 but this beef is between fashion divas; Khloe Kardashian and her Good American clothing line VS independent fashion designer, Destiney Bleu who accused Khloe of grand theft stealing designs from her. The epic call out didn't produce a diss track but major twitter receipts. Sit, relax and grab some popcorn for this long and interesting read! *wink


Check out Twitter receipts of Khloe Kardashian put on blast by fashion designer Destiney Bleu for stealing her ideas for Khloe's Good American fashion line below:

ROUND 1:Khloe desperately tries to clear her name but Destiny kept dragging her to the mud.

ROUND 2: After the story went viral The Good American Twitter account posted several celebrities wearing sparkly body suits claiming it was their inspiration.

ROUND 3: And that's when Destiney went off. 

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