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Wendy Williams Swearing, Screaming and Crying in Public Over Angie Martinez Talk Show Deal..

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How you doin Wendy? 

Word on the street is that successful talk show queen, Wendy Williams and husband Kevin Hunter caused a public scene after being told her long time arch enemy/rival, Angie Martinez, had been given a talk show deal with the same company that produces Wendy's show...

Do you remember Angie? lemme refresh your memory girlllll! back in them days, Angie had a quick scuffle with Miss Wendy prompting wendy to grab a mop to defend herself. Angie was allegedly rumored to have dated Jay Z before Beyonce and was named one of the biggest hoes in the music industry.

From The Daily Mail

According to a well-placed source, Williams and Hunter, who is also her manager, were taken to lunch by executives from her production company Debmar-Mercury, who revealed they were partnering with Martinez on a new daytime show. Williams immediately burst into tears and screamed at the two executives, while her husband kept yelling, 'this is some bulls***!''Apparently, it was a dramatic blow up in the back of the restaurant. Lots of screaming, yelling and swearing. No matter how the TV execs explained that it was not a conflict of interest, Wendy and Kevin just weren't hearing it,' the source revealed.Williams kept saying to her team: 'I can't believe that b**** is getting a show with them. This is such a betrayal!'

Inner rats are claiming that Mrs Wendy is not as bubbly and focused as before but sad and extremely subdued of cringe worthy exposé carried out by DailyMailTV revealing that Hunter her horseband had been carrying on a 10-year long affair with Sharina Hudson, a 32-year-old massage therapist, buying them a house in New Jersey.

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