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Mugabe's Scintillating First Public Comeback Since 'Army Takeover'

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Despite the “bloodless correction” of the Zimbabwean military takeover brouhaha/hype, President Robert Mugabe emerged from a house arrest and has appeared in public for the first time looking all snatched as he spoke at a graduation ceremony in Harare amid political turmoil over the likely end of his 37-year rule. Old man is still clinging on to power. 

A red carpet had been laid out for Mr Mugabe as he took up his traditional role of greeting students as they collect their graduation caps.

A lady on twitter said the audience cheered as he began speaking, wearing a blue and yellow academic gown and mortar board hat as she sat in a large wooden chair at the front of the university hall.

There was no sign of his wife Grace Mugabe, whose whereabouts are unclear.

Excuse me?! This can never happen in Nigeria. Why wait for the president to be weak and old for you to finally grow some balls?

Sani Abacha, a dreadful Nigerian Army officer and politician who served as the de facto President of Nigeria from 1993 to 1998 tried the gorilla rule but didn’t succeed because while he was busy destroying his enemies, unsuspected Mr death knocked his butt cheeks off and this caused great celebration than sorrow for many people. There are many ways to kill a rat! Go figure!!!

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