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Hello Lovers, I’m a New Mom!!!

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9th month Swag

Boom...I’m back chile!!!!

I have been MIA in this blogosphere for such a long time and I’m SOO sorry for keeping you in the dark. Guess what?! I’m thrilled to announce to y’all that our bundle of joy has arrived! Baby and I are doing great. It’s been a wonderful and interesting 9 months experience after a crushing moment several months ago when I discovered that I had lost my first to an ectopic pregnancy. I had to keep my faith alive by being relentlessly positive to God’s promises even when negativity came knocking. I Thank GOD because in my unfaithfulness, HE consistently remained faithful to all HIS sworn words...

The precious moment of a skin to skin cannot be over emphasized. When I held my newborn son, Oh mama, I eventually knew what love was! In a flash, all the excruciating pain I had felt dissipated into thin air. From my birthing experience to keeping late nights when I’m trying to either change his diaper, breastfeed, soothe and cuddle so that he doesn’t cry up a storm because of Colic; I simple can’t trade this great adventure for anything in the world!

Living in the Diaspora is a different ball game and a game changer. Why? Because, Back in Nigeria, it’s custom for your mom, female relatives or friend to help provide a workable support system for a minimum of 3 months in order to help relieve you of unnecessary stress that can easily lead to postpartum depression. During this 3 months OMUGWO period, as it’s popularly called, you will be taken care of and spoilt rotten. I call it the fating period which helps you get out and let off some steam. Bathing your little one, house chores, cooking mouth watery and savory delicacies like my favourite Yam pepper soup (Ji Mmiri oku) with Okporoko (stockfish) etc… is a done deal!

DH and I did some soul searching by quickly reprogramming our brain because we had no family or ‘real’ friends around who will be willingly to take over the Omugwo role here in the UK before my mom arrives. We practically did everything ourselves all thanks to our unique strategic plan that kept us sane and refreshed as first time parent. When breastfeeding my LO, DH gets everything ready for baby’s bath, change of clothes, tidies up and prepares my breakfast before going to work giving me time to focus on me, myself and I for a little bit.

I’m happy to let y’all know that this great adventure has made me a certified PRO as my grip game💪 is way better than my midwife. LOL.

So, for your Omugwo duties, call me.  😉




  1. Wow!! Congratulations. Thanks for sharing. Please, take this blog seriously. Just my 2 cents.

    1. Thanks for following... truly appreciate your honest thought. xoxo

  2. Powerful, indescribable, out of the world experience is the word for being a genuine first time mum!......keep these memories alive, its worth sharing!!!
    congrats again...what did baby weigh and I cant't wait to hear his out of the world name too..lol

    1. Aww, your kind words just brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for reading. Baby weighed 4.10kg and his name is Arinze. xoxo

    2. Well done Mama! More grease to your elbow!!!Loads of love!

    3. Thanks so much Ade boo.. xoxo

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