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Celtics Clinch Win Over Cavaliers + Hilarious Twitter Meme

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The Celtics came with their guns blazing and left no stone unturned in their search for victory on Sunday afternoon as they proved the Cavs wrong by demolishing them on the way to the NBA Finals. 

Cleveland Cavaliers best player LeBron James could not stop the Celtics pulling out a majestic 108-83 win as Boston came out firing in Game 1, securing a 61-35 halftime lead and ultimately winning 108-83.

Jaylen Brown (23 points, eight rebounds), Marcus Morris (21 points, 10 rebounds) and Al Horford (20 points, six assists) all played major roles in the victory, and the Celtics shot over 50 percent from the field as a team.

The game wasn't complete without Boston fans trolling the CAVS massively on twitter with hilarious memes.

When LeBron leaves the Cavs this summer who could blame him

Pregame: But can the Celtics keep up with the Cavs offensively tho???

everyone out celebrating Mother's Day checking the Cavs-Celtics score
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