Uninvited Family Members Have Secured ITV Gigs To Crash Royal Wedding.

Several uninvited family members from the Markle side of the family have arrived in London for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's royal wedding and have reportedly secured ITV gigs as wedding correspondents in return for little change. 

Us Weekly  has the inner scoop:

A source reveals in the new issue of Us Weekly [Meghan's] half-sister Samantha Grant as well as nephew Tyler Dooley (her half-brother Thomas Markle Jr.’s son) and his mother (her ex-sister-in-law), Tracy, will be flying down to London to be TV wedding correspondents.

“Meghan is really worried about some of these members of her family,” the insider says. “She hasn’t spoken to them in years.”

There is no such thing as a “perfect family” Every family will experience challenges, trials, character deficiencies, and more but the Markle side of the family are  plain evil! no shade intended but this family is full of crooks, swindlers, and con men. 


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  1. Yes you are right. Can’t compare mine to hers. Scavengers, keep sniffing.

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