Google Doodle Pay Respect to Dr Virginia Apgar For Saving Millions of Newborns... - Zinny's Blog

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Google Doodle Pay Respect to Dr Virginia Apgar For Saving Millions of Newborns...

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Google doodle pay respect this Thursday to Notable American woman, Dr. Virginia Apgar on her 109th birthday for her immense contribution to neonatology - the medical care of newborn infants.

It all started in the 1930s and 1940s when Apgar noticed something odd about newborns.

While the infant mortality rate in the US had declined, the rate of infant deaths within the first 24 hours after birth remained constant. As an obstetric anesthesiologist, Apgar was able to identify physical characteristics that could distinguish healthy newborns from those in trouble.

Apgar's observations led to the development in 1952 of the Apgar score, a quick and convenient method for immediately evaluating how well the newborn weathered the birthing process, especially the effects of obstetric anesthesia.

That single act has since saved countless babies, evaluates newborns' health on five factors: heart rate, respiration, skin color, muscle tone, and reflexes.

The test is conducted in the first five minutes after birth, allowing doctors to determine which babies need immediate care.

She was also fiercely independent until the end; she never married, once saying, "It's just that I haven't found a man who can cook."

She died at the age of 65 from liver cirrhosis, and in 1995 was inducted into the National Women's Hall of Fame.


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