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Quit Being The Side Chick.

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Being a side chick is just the wrongest place to be. You should never accept half of someone thinking that it makes you whole. you need to be whole sweeddyy. If you settle for being the side chick, you will need to evaluate yourself because you are insufficient some where and you need to heal fast!

Most women actually find out they are that side chick when they are already there. That means, their feelings have skyrocketed and they can't seem to loose their grip... While some know about the other woman at the house but basically don't  give two spoons or forks about it.

Stop those silly thoughts that you have the power for him to leave his main woman; that you are stronger than they think when in you actuality you are soooo weak, they breathe and you simply melt. You down play your actual feelings and act everything is all cool and fabulous  but deep down you know you have just gotten a reality check staring right in your face and then Bam! you realize how deep you are caught up in your own mess.

It's not easy but please, quit playing that role again. Don't let your selfishness mar your future.

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