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Does He/She Fit Your Checklist Of Desired Quality?

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Filter Those Mr/Ms Rights....

You meet a man/woman, you date him/her, you think he/she's 'The One'... then weeks later you realize he/she's not the right one for you. The answer is not to think of him/her as Mr/Ms Perfect, but to see the real man/woman. I will help you identify the filter you need to focus on.

How Soon Do You Decide Your New Man/Woman's Right?

If you usually make snap decisions and start thinking your boyfriend/girlfriend's 'The One' before you've been dating for a month, you need to get your head and heart to slow down. it's common to rush in  cos we are all keen to find a good relationship and make it work and when we do, we often let ourselves see his/her wonderful qualities. that's why, when you spend more time and get to see his/her shortcomings, you get disappointed.

Does He/She Fit The Top Five Characteristics On Your Checklist?

Truth be told, we all have a mental checklist when we start dating someone. But because she'll/ he'll never score full marks, it's easy to cheat a bit without realizing it. When we start to like a man/woman, we want him/her to fit our picture of a 'dream man/woman'. you need to be honest with yourself about what he/she is truly like from the start. 

How Do You Feel When You Are With Him/Her?

What type of person do you become in his/her company? If you are happier and more confident, that's much more important  than any checklist. weigh up the good against the bad. He/she might not be all that but once you realize he/she's has faults and start to accept him/her for the person he/she truly is, Bam! you could find  that he/she has important qualities  you hadn't noticed before-once that weren't on your checklist but that you really value.

So next time you meet a man/woman you truly like, get your filter switched on . You could be surprised how right she/he is.

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