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‘Scandal’ Stars Share Details About Kerry Washington’s New Baby, Isabelle

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Remember way back when, right after bey and jayz had their baby? we were all impatiently waiting to see that first picture of baby blue ivy?... As far as Kerry Washington‘s baby girl goes, The media is yet to see the little princess. And from the little bit that I know about some forms of philosophical thought, this might actually be a good thing. Anyway, at least we’ve got a few Scandal stars who are coming forward with some scoop.

E! has the inner scoop:

Fans of Kerry Washington and former NFL player Nnamdi Asomugha may be waiting patiently for that very first picture of baby Isabelle Amarachi Asomugha.
But for Scandal stars Tony Goldwyn and Bellamy Young, they’ve been lucky enough to see the precious little one up-close.
“Yes I have met the delectable Isabelle,” Goldwyn told E! News at the 2014 Creative Arts Emmys. “Her DNA is really good and she’s just the cutest.”
Young couldn’t help but agree and even compared the baby to Buddha.
“You hold that baby and it calms you down,” she told E! News. “There is nothing annoying about that presence.”…
And if you’re curious to know if Washington has changed since giving birth, Goldwyn dropped a hint.
“[Motherhood] has just made her more awesome than she was to begin with,” he said. “She’s just so happy all the time as it does when you have a baby. It’s a magical time.”

I’m glad Kerry seems incredibly happy, but I’m sure it’s a struggle for her too. Luckily she’s got all that free Neutrogena stuff to make her look aaaah-mazing. And as far as baby Isabelle goes, she’s got two loving parents who wont turn her to a barbie doll model like kim\kanye's and I bet that she can sense she’s in good hands.

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